The Sweetest Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas & Formulas

Four polaroid pictures. Three are images of honey blonde hair and one is a close-up of honey being poured onto a waffle.

Sweet and sun-kissed, honey blonde hair is trending just in time for summer. As the seasons change, expect an influx of requests for this rich and radiant shade of blonde. It sees golden tones mix with amber browns for a burst of sun-dappled, dreamy warmth. And, best of all, it suits everyone – adding brightness to brunettes or depth to a lighter blonde color.

Getting this luminous look on lockdown requires just the right balance of warm-toned blondes, plus a care regimen that prevents the color from turning brassy. Here, we break down eight techniques that can be used to create the look, plus five color formulas you can try on your clients in the salon.

Honey blonde hues, coming through...

Close-up of a hand holding a bottle of Wella Professionals Invigo Blonde Recharge Shampoo in front of a purple backdrop
Close-up of a hand with red painted nails spraying damp, platinum blonde hair with Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue treatment