What Does Damaged Hair Look Like? 5 Signs to Watch Out For

If you’re asking, ‘what does damaged hair look like?’, we haven’t got just one answer for you. There are a multitude of signs that hair strands are stressed out, from excess shedding due to breakage, to dullness and brassiness. Here, we break down what to look for, and the steps you can take to get healthy hair and prevent future damage. Watch out for these 5 key signs…

Model’s hand holds up a bottle of Wella Professionals’ Invigo Nutri-Enrich Wonder Balm with arrows explaining the benefits.
Back of model’s hair shows before image of damaged curly hair and the results after the hair was treated with Wella care products.
Model’s hand holds a pot of Wella Professional’ Fusion Intense Repair Mask with arrows detailing the benefits.
Back of model’s head showing damaged hair before treatment and the result after treatment with Wella Professionals care products.
Bottle of Elements Renewing Leave-In Spray by Wella Professionals with arrows detailing the benefits.
Close up of hand brushing smooth, brown hair with a wooden comb.
Open gold-rimmed glass box holds the Light Luminous Reflective Oil and Luminous Smoothing Oil by Wella Professionals.
Close up of smooth, silky hair that’s been treated with oil-based care products by Wella Professionals.
Model’s hand holds a bottle of Color Protection Shampoo from Wella Professionals’ ColorMotion+ hair care range.
Model with voluminous, curly brown hair runs her fingers through her coils.