How To Go From Highlights to All-Over Blonde

As colourists, we love nothing more than seeing big hair transformations come to life in salons. There are few things more satisfying than a brown to blonde transition , or a fresh scattering of contrasting balayage. But one of the most eye-catching switch-ups involves taking hair from highlights to an all-over blonde; a change that doesn't just alter the colour, but also the dimension seen through strands.

So, how can you swap your client's full head of highlights for a full head blonde colour? Let's break down the tips, tricks and techniques – as well as the 'before and after' shots – you need to know...

Person looks to the side revealing their newly styled silver blonde bob.

Image Credit: @lexierosehair

Model with long white blonde hair faces the side wearing a face mask.

Image Credit: @mgray153

Colour theory wheel.
Back of head showing bronde highlights before they’re transformed.

Image Credit: @hairbyelisajohanna

Back of head showing hair that’s been transformed into pure, lilac platinum

Image Credit: @hairbyelisajohanna

Before image of person with long, straight brunette highlights looking down to show her roots.

Image Credit: @kelleyscanvas

After image reveals their newly styled honey blonde hair.

Image Credit: @kelleyscanvas

Person sits in a salon chair to get their red highlights transformed to all over ice blonde.

Image Credit: @karamiaaa

After image reveals the finished all over ice blonde look

Image Credit: @karamiaaa

Before image of golden blonde highlights ready to be coloured.

Image Credit: @hairbyelisajohanna

Close up of straight hair that’s been coloured all over in vanilla blonde, from golden blonde highlights.

Image Credit: @hairbyelisajohanna

Person with wavy, ice blonde hair smiles at the camera.

Image Credit: @kaitthegreathair

Model with silver blonde hair looks over their shoulder.

Image Credit: @lind_uhhh

Before and after image of coloured highlights transformed into an icy all-over blonde look.

Image Credit: @alexis_hair

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