How to Create Dimensional Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Do you ever feel like a fresh mane of blonde hair looks somewhat dull? Sometimes, an all-over blonde colour can look artificial, but one way of softening that is by weaving in lowlights of different blonde shades. By introducing pockets of light and shade you reveal a more natural looking, multi-tonal blonde your client will love. Lowlights are also great for adding more dimension to a balayage result that may be a bit too blonde. Lowlights create depth, texture and volume and are great for enhancing the client’s facial features, working with their skin tone.

When highlighting, you lift the pigment out of the hair with weaves or slices isolated in foils (or free hand techniques such as balayage). With the lowlight technique you are replacing the pigment back into the air with foils or freehand techniques. A balance of blonde highlights and lowlights will give you a more natural-looking blonde. Read our dedicated article about the difference between highlights and lowlights if you want to learn more.

If you are applying lowlights to darken hair that’s already been lightened, that’s an additional chemical service that can cause further processing to the hair and areas of damage. Therefore, it’s always recommended to add Wellaplex to your formulas to strengthen the bonds within the hair and prevent any damage.