11 Lilac Frost Hair Looks for Pastel Lovers

As pastel hair colors go, lilac hair is one of the dreamiest hues around. It’s fresh, bright, punchy, soft and radiant – all at the same time. And, if you thought such whimsical shades only worked in the spring or summer months, we’ve got news for you: a little lilac looks good any time of year, but it’s especially glowy in winter.

It’s all about that frosted sheen. Because lilac hair is cool-toned, it teams well with winter’s bluish light – as well as the raft of gray hues that are trending right now. Your clients can wear the shade solo, combine it with platinum ends, or add some silvery highlights. Whatever look they go for, we’ve got all the tips you need to make their purple hair dreams a reality…

Lilac Frost Hair Tutorial with Color Fresh Masks | Wella Professionals