Do Highlights Damage Hair? Here’s the Full Lowdown

Do highlights damage hair? It’s a question professional hair colorists hear a lot from their clients, and the answer isn’t quite as simple as ‘yes’ or ‘no’. In fact, the effect highlights have on the condition of hair depends largely on three key things: the hair color products you use, the way you use them, and the aftercare your clients follow when they get home. So, let’s explore the impact highlights might have on tresses, plus ways to help clients unlock brighter ribbons while nourishing their colored hair…

Model stood in front of a beige wall facing away from the camera. Their blonde hair is styled into beachy waves
A hair stylist stands behind their blonde client and uses their hands to work the hair at the roots
Wella Professionals BlondorPlex products arranged on a large rock in front of trees
Model with long, wavy blonde highlighted hair is wearing a pink sequin clothing
Model with highlighted curly hair wears a shiny beige blazer and stares intently at the camera
Before & after of straight blonde hair that's been treated with Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair products for damaged hair
Headshot of a model looking into the distance with straight platinum blonde hair and red lips
Close-up of hands with red painted nails squeezing a bottle of Ultimate Repair cleansing shampoo in the palm
Close-up of hands with red painted nails squeezing a bottle of Ultimate Repair Rebuilding Conditioner in the palm
Close-up of a hand touching the top of a bottle of Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue by Wella Professionals

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