8 Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas & Formulas

Some of our favorite hair color trends are inspired by the sweetest treats. Case in point? You've got pumpkin spice copper, toasted coconut blonde and, of course, vibrant cherry red hair. But one of the most popular looks around has got to be chocolate brown hair, a rich brunette that's so decadent, it gives all hair types and textures a radiant glow.

Versatile enough to work with any painting technique or trending hairstyle, chocolate brown hair can be light and milky, dark and delicious, or laced with caramel highlights against brown locks for a high contrast balayage technique. This also means you can tailor your client's chocolate brown shade to their complexion, whether they have a cool skin tone, neutral skin tone, olive skin tone, or a warm skin tone.

So, let's get into the chocolate brown hair tips you need to know for your clients…

Headshot of a person with very short curly chocolate brown hair stood in front of a white brick wall
Headshot of a person with long curly chocolate brown hair wearing a black sheer shirt
Side profile of a person with long chocolate brown hair