5 Lived-In Blonde Hair Colour Ideas & Formulas

There are two types of blonde clients: those who want their colour light, bright and statement-making, and those who go for natural-looking hues with seamless blends and an effortless edge. That second group – the lived-in blondes – has been growing in recent years, as a minimal beauty movement that has taken off on TikTok and Instagram.

We’ve seen pared back makeup looks bolstered by demand for softer shades of blonde; a trending style that translates to sandy hues and bronde tones painted through locks in freehand sweeps. But, while lived-in blondes are perfect for clients who crave low-maintenance hair colour, they require pro precision to perfect in the salon. A lot of effort goes into these effortless looks. 

So let’s explore the lived-in blonde hair colouring services you need to know, plus five formulas to inspire your own creations…

Model with very long lived-in blonde hair looks down. Their face is largely concealed by their hair

Image Credit: @haley_marshall

Model with middle-length lived-in blonde hair looks over their shoulder at the camera

Image Credit: @romeu.felipe

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