11 of the Freshest Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas & Formulas

Collage of dirty blonde hair colour ideas.

When summer comes to an end, blonde-haired clients tend to go one of three ways with their hair colour: make it bright and icy, transform the shade entirely, or opt for a slightly darker hue. For the latter group, dirty blonde hair is the dream. It lends a little autumnal depth, but stays in the light direction, veiling locks in crisp coolness that works with the new-season shift in light.

But this colour isn’t just for natural blondes. Dirty blonde hair is also the perfect pick for anyone who wants to lighten their locks, but still wants to lean a touch brunette. Here, we reveal everything you need to know about the hue, so you can create it for your clients. Keep scrolling for all the ideas and pro formulas you’re looking for…