5 Expensive Blonde Hair Formulas That Scream ‘Chic’

According to this season’s trends, there’s blonde hair and then there’s ‘expensive blonde’ hair; a nuance that promises seamless, soft and summery tones, all positively brimming with shine. The name has nothing to do with the price tag, but plenty to do with the chic, blended finish. This look is ‘rich’ in the best possible way, giving clients a gentler transition between their base and highlights

But here’s the catch: no two expensive blonde hair creations look the same. Some might be golden, some have a caramel glow, and others come with a scattering of honeyed hues. What links the looks together is their warmth, their shine and their focus on soft dimension. No ash, no chunky highlights and no dramatic lift; just delicately defined highs and lows. 

So, how do you create expensive blonde hair in the salon? Follow these tips and formulas to nail the colour, then head to the maintenance section at the end – because care is key with this look. 

Back of model’s head with wavy hair featuring beige blonde highlights.

Image Credit: @loickdambrine_hair

Model faces the camera with a golden blonde bob haircut.

Image Credit: @romeufelipe