Like chocolate brown hair? You’ll LOVE this new chocolate sundae

Colour Tips

Some of our favourite hair color trends are inspired by the sweetest treats. Case in point? You’ve got pumpkin spice copper, toasted coconut blonde and, of course, chocolate brown hair. Now, a new take on the latter is trending, and it might be even more delicious. Get ready to indulge in what we’re calling ‘chocolate sundae hair’.

Close-up of the back of a woman’s head with long and wavy chocolate brown hair

Image Credit: @mitch_zidu 

Brunette but with a bright, multi-tonal twist; this look sees dark hair melt into lighter, golden mid-lengths, giving the appearance of bumped-up volume and shine. Keep the graduation subtle, though. For this look to work, the lift should be barely detectable- just contrasting enough to lend depth and dimension to your brown-haired clients locks.

Whip It Up

Because high-gloss shine is a key factor in chocolate sundae hair, the kindest color formulas and aftercare treatments are top of the agenda.

For natural blondes, try a soft transition with a cool iced-chocolate effect, using Color Touch in 8/71 and 7/97 to create glossy lowlights. Peroxide blondes may need layers of color to eliminate their very light base tone, but Koleston Perfect ME+ with Pure Balance Technology in 5/71 and 7/7 will create chocolaty warmth.

Meanwhile, natural brunettes are in luck. An Illumina Color Glossing Service could be all they need, with a shade like 6/7 adding tone and shine in the space of a lunchbreak. Dark brown or black locks turn into chocolate brown hair with caramel highlights, which you can weave around the face or through the ends of hair with Magma by Blondor in /17 or /73.

After washing the color out with INVIGO Color Brilliance Color Protection Shampoo, massage INVIGO Post Color Treatment through damp hair, leave for five minutes, then comb through and rinse to stop the color from continuing to develop inside the cortex. Remove any stains around the hairline with INVIGO Color Stain Remover on a cotton pad, then mist INVIGO Miracle BB Spray through strands to boost vibrancy.

Close-up of a woman’s head with long and wavy dark chocolate brown hair with caramel highlights

Image Credit: @_alexandracolhair

Close-up of a woman’s head with long and wavy dark chocolate brown hair with caramel highlights

Image Credit: @carriemarginian_hair

Keep It Sweet

The most delicious chocolate sundae locks are intense and radiant, so a good post-color routine is a must for your clients. Don’t let them leave without some clever aftercare tricks.

First, recommend products that bolster the shine in their brunette locks, like INVIGO Color Brilliance Color Protection ShampooConditioner and INVIGO Color Brilliance Vibrant Color Mask for a twice-weekly treat.

As for styling essentials, EIMI Thermal Image protects clients’ hair while heat styling, which reduces the color-fading effects of a hairdryer. Shine-boosters, like EIMI Oil Spritz or EIMI Glam Mist are great for spraying into palms of hands, smoothing through freshly-styled mid-lengths for an instant reflective sheen.

It’s these essentials that will keep chocolate sundae hair looking sweet in the weeks between color appointments. Ready to start creating the trend? Then get blending those chocolate hues… Bon appetit!

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