How to Repair Damaged Hair Fast at Home

A model with long dark hair wearing red lipstick. They look to the side with their hair blowing in the same direction

Are you in a hair SOS situation? While maintaining the condition of your hair is a long-term goal, there are ways you can get locks looking healthier and more hydrated in a hurry. So if you've got a big event coming up – one where a glossy mane is needed for extra confidence – we've got all the tips and remedies you need to dial down the damage. Here's how to repair damaged hair fast at home...

A model with long dark hair faces away from the camera holding a bottle of Ultimate Repair Shampoo on their shoulder
Close-up of a red bottle of Ultimate Repair Conditioner being squeezed into someone's palm. They have red painted nails
A line-up of the Ultimate Repair hair care collection pictured against a red backdrop to match the product packaging
A model with curly dark hair & red lipstick holds a bottle of Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue Treatment on their shoulder
A bottle of Elements Calming Serum pictured against a wooden board, beige fabric and green plants
A bottle of EIMI Thermal Image heat spray next to a black hairbrush, curlers and straighteners
Before and after of platinum blonde hair that's been treated with a Color Fresh Mask to get a darker blonde result
Before and after of highlighted dark brown hair that's been treated with a Color Fresh Mask