4 Treatments to Rescue Dry Hair

When it comes to healthy, glossy hair, hydration is the key. It helps colored locks glow, keeps frizz at bay, and leaves every strand feeling touchably soft. However, dry hair is a common complaint for any type of mane – and it becomes even more troublesome when the heating cranks up and the cold winter winds sweep in.

So, how do you moisturize parched strands effectively? Here, we break down four dry hair treatments and routines to breathe new life into a dehydrated mane.

Bottle of EIMI Dry Me dry shampoo.
Hand clutching shiny blonde hair.
Hand dipping into a pot of Fusion Intense Repair Mask.
Back of woman’s head with long, glossy, brown hair.
Blonde woman holding the WellaPlex No3 Mask behind her head.
Bottles of ColorMotion+ Shampoo and Mask.
Bottle of EIMI Thermal Image heat protection spray.
Close-up of curly brown hair texture.