How to Repair Damaged Curly Hair

Curls are at their bounciest and most defined when they're beautifully hydrated, but the nature of curly hair means that dryness and breakage can be all too common problems. So how can you help your client reclaim their natural curl pattern when curly hair damage takes hold? Whether from wear and tear, too much heat, harsh chemicals or genetics, damage can happen to all curly hair types. Here's how to nurture them back to health…

A collection of NutriCurls products on a white surface.
A hairdresser and a model with long, voluminous, curly hair smile directly into the camera.
Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue appears on a white marble surface next to a silver comb.
Before and after showing dark, curly hair looking more defined after using Miracle Hair Rescue.
EIMI Thermal Image heat protectant spray is surrounded by heated styling tools.
Elements Renewing Leave-In Spray appears on a wooden surface next to a linen cloth.
Model looks at their long, dark, curly, healthy hair.