How to Get Rid of Split Ends – and Stop Them Coming Back

‘How do I fix split ends?' It's a question every professional hairstylist gets asked, and if we're honest, there's only one true solution to ditching the splits: trimming them away. But fixing split ends doesn't just mean getting rid of them. To truly tidy up the tips of hair, you need a routine that also prevents further hair breakage, while disguising any splits between trims.

So, here's your complete guide on how to get rid of split ends from every angle, whether you're treating your own or helping a client whose hair is prone to breakage…

ULTIMATE REPAIR Shampoo, Conditioner, Miracle Hair Rescue and Protective Leave-In.
Model’s hair is washed by a hairdresser.
Back of model’s head. They’re holding up ULTIMATE REPAIR Mask in front of their short, dark hair.
ULTIMATE REPAIR Conditioner and ULTIMATE REPAIR Mask on a marble surface.
Before and after image. In the after shot, dark, curly hair appears bouncier and more defined from using Miracle Hair Rescue.
Before and after image. In the after shot, long, blonde hair appears smoother from using Miracle Hair Rescue.
ULTIMATE REPAIR Protective Leave-In and Miracle Hair Rescue on a marble surface.
A drop of ULTIMATE REPAIR Protective Leave-In.