The Perfect Blonde Highlights for Your Hair Color

Colour Tips

When you hear ‘summer hair’, what’s the first thing you think of? For us, visions of Blake Lively’s blushed blonde mane and Gisele Bündchen’s head of seriously sun-kissed strands instantly come to mind. Both rely on blonde highlights to create their signature looks and, what’s more, their colorists have managed to tailor the shades to perfectly suit their individual features.

That’s not always easy. Because there’s no one-size-fits-all shade or placement of blonde, it’s essential that the tones and techniques are carefully picked for the most flattering effect. If you’re looking for the easy way to achieve it, focus on the existing base hair colour, then choose highlights that will lend a Gisele-like lift. Think, totally natural-looking.


The Hairspiration: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at her blondest and Gigi Hadid

Blonde Highlights For Fair Hair

Blondes can still reap the benefits of highlights. If your goal is to give light hair an extra lift, use Illumina Color to add shimmering subtle ribbons of icy color that run from root to tip. Beachy warmth can be achieved with honeyed tones, hints of gold and a little strawberry blonde. Meanwhile, lowlights (yes, lowlights!) will enhance your natural blonde and create a sun-kissed contrast. Use a demi-permanent color, like Color Touch, to achieve this effect.

Image: @taicoln


The Hairspiration: Gisele Bündchen and Jennifer Aniston

Blonde Highlights for Light to Medium Brown Hair

Mousy brown or light-medium brunette hair pairs perfectly with honeyed highlights for warmth, or ashy tones if you have fair skin. The trick is to begin with a high volume of very fine weaves – also known as babylights – through the hair, starting a few inches down from the root to get the full Gisele effect. Using a special freehand lightener, like Blondor Free-lights, in between the babylights will give a soft, sun-kissed blend. To make it ultra-natural-looking, go for a lift no more than two shades brighter than your base. It’s this cardinal rule that keeps Jennifer Aniston’s blonde from looking streaky.

Image: @marjie_salonb


The Hairspiration: Beyoncé and Lily Aldridge

Blonde Highlights For Dark Hair

When choosing highlights for darker hair, keep in mind that the lighter you go, the stronger the contrast will be. This can sometimes result in a less natural-looking result. For a softer blend with low-maintenance regrowth, opt instead for amber or caramel tones with a balance of coolness and warmth, as going too warm can veer on the orange side. There are two ways to apply this: in a heavy, root-to-tip concentration à la Beyoncé, or painted free-hand with Blondor Freelights for a Lily Aldridge-like balayage finish. Whichever look you create, team the lightener with our bond-strengthening treatment, WellaPlex, which will maintain the integrity of the hair throughout the coloring process.

Image: @hairby_heathercap


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