It’s Official: This is the Season of Natural Hair Color

Model with sandy blonde, wavy hair and a fringe faces the camera.

It’s hard to remember a time when natural hair color was more popular than it is now. And we don’t mean untouched, virgin locks; we’re talking in-salon creations that boast a born-with-it radiance. Pastel tones, chunky highlights and other bold looks are still high on the trend agenda for the season, but there’s no denying it: natural color is stealing the spotlight for fall/winter 2022/23.

Given how lustrous and luminous natural-looking hair colors can be, we’re not surprised they’re so covetable amongst many of today’s salon clients. But the current surge in believable hues also reflects a cultural shift towards authenticity; a time when clients are looking to put their most vibrant selves forward – and their hair is the vehicle. 

For some, that means expressing themselves with the boldest, brightest colors they find, but for many, it’s all about enhancing what they’ve got with locks that appear ‘au naturel’. It’s the latter who have paved the way for such dreamy trends as ‘expensive brunette’ and ‘expensive blonde’, giving a whole new meaning to natural-looking hair. Think head-turningly rich and unstoppably vibrant. 

Now, we’re taking natural hair colors to the next level with the new collection of Signature Naturals. Discover the delectable palette, and see how the wide shade range can elevate your services…


Model with chocolate brown, curly hair faces the camera.
Model with honey blonde, loosely waved hair faces the camera.
Koleston Perfect shades 6/91, 7/36 and 5/18.
Shinefinity shades 04/12, 07/12 and 08/0.
Shinefinity shades 04/0 and 06/0.
Color Touch shades 7/97, 8/3 and 9/97.
Color Touch shades 5/0, 6/71 and 8/71.
Model with amber brown, wavy bob haircut faces the camera.
Model with black, wavy bob haircut and fringe faces the camera.
Model with golden bronde, straight, mid-length hair faces the camera.
Model with dark chocolate brown, tousled, mid-length hair faces the camera.
Model with wavy, honey blonde hair and a soft root shadow faces the camera.
Model with wavy, honey blonde hair and a soft root shadow faces the camera.
Model with long, voluminous curly hair, featuring dark brown roots and caramel brown ends.
Model with long, glossy, brunette hair styled in loose, undone waves.
Model with straight, dark hair and smoky lavender highlights.