Cappuccino Hair Color is Coming in Hot: 7 Formulas to Try

Back of person’s head. They have long cappuccino colored hair and hold a puppy with the same color fur over their shoulder.

This season is serving up some cappuccino hair color inspiration – so get it while it’s hot. If your clients are craving fresh brown hair color ideas, this rich and radiant hue has got them covered. Featuring a medium brown base and swirls of golden brown or even bronde (brown-blonde) balayage, this look is every bit as dimensional as the mocha brown hair trend that came before it.

Here, we reveal how you can create cappuccino brown hair for your clients, complete with a jolt of caramel that’s just as delicious as your AM caffeine hit…

Back of person’s head. They lift their long, wavy, cappuccino colored hair.

Image Credit: @danielleemilie

Model with curly, cappuccino colored hair looks at the camera.

Image Credit: @romeufelipe

Model holds Color Fresh Mask in Caramel Glaze in front of brown, curly hair.
Model holds Color Fresh Mask in Golden Gloss in front of golden blonde, straight hair.