How to Treat Damaged Relaxed Hair in 9 Steps

Is your client’s relaxed hair showing the danger signs of damage? You’ll know them when you see them: dryness, split ends, excess frizz and, worst of all, breakage. If strands are starting to split – or they look like they’re on the verge – it’s time for emergency care. But how do you repair damaged relaxed hair? Keep scrolling to discover the nine tips you need…

Model with long, loosely waved, dark brown hair and copper highlights sits in the salon chair.

Image Credit: @romeufelipe

Model with shoulder-length, black, glossy hair glances down.

Image Credit: @dereqc

Upside down bottle of Ultimate Repair Shampoo with product being poured out.
Ultimate Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Miracle Hair Rescue on a red backdrop.
Bottle of Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothing Oil on a reflective surface.
Close-up of a comb running through wet, black hair.
EIMI Thermal Image lies on a white surface surrounded by hair tools.
Close-up of brunette hair with a bottle of Color Fresh Mask in Chocolate Touch in the foreground.