How to Care for Low and High Porosity Hair

Woman facing camera with glossy, curly, caramel brown hair.

When you’re assessing the condition of your hair, you probably look at whether the ends are split, how prone strands are to breakage, or how dry and frazzled your locks might look and feel. But, did you know? All of those beauty bugbears can be linked back to your hair porosity – and fixing high porosity hair might just be your key to healthier, shinier-looking locks. Here, we break down what hair porosity is, how it impacts the condition of strands, and what you can do to make your hair less porous. Your hair will thank you later.

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Woman smiling as she faces the camera with shiny, curly, dark brown hair.


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Back of woman’s head with long, loosely curled, pink blonde hair.


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Side profile of woman with sleek, straight, black hair.
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Woman facing camera with glossy, curly, caramel brown hair.