How to Prevent, Hide and Fix Split Ends

‘How do I fix split ends?’ It’s a question every hairdresser gets asked, and if we’re honest, there’s only one true solution to ditching the splits (you’ll find it below!). But fixing split ends doesn’t just mean getting rid of them. To truly tidy up the tips of your hair, you need a routine that also prevents further hair breakage, while disguising any splits between trims.

So, here’s your complete guide on how to get rid of split ends from every angle, whether you’re treating your own or helping a breakage-prone client…

Line-up of Wella Fusion hair products on a marble surface.
Before and after, showing the smoothing effects of Wella’s Fusion hair products.
Bottle of EIMI Thermal Image heat protection spray surrounded by hair styling tools.
Model holds a bottle of Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil in front of her blonde hair.
Close-up of dark brown hair being trimmed by a stylist.
Back of woman’s head with long, glossy, dark brown hair.