4 Salon Hair Treatment Services For Damaged Hair

Sometimes, hair damage can go too far. Locks can look irretrievably dull or dry, and it feels like no amount of at-home hair masking can give strands the deep nourishment they need. It's in these moments when salon hair treatments for damaged hair become a must-book for your clients, enhancing their DIY routines with specialized formulas and techniques they just can't enjoy at home.

That's where you step in. By knowing which service to choose for your client's type of damage, you can give them the stronger, softer, healthier hair they're looking for. Wella Professionals has you covered with effective salon hair treatments that treat the key signs of stressed-out locks, from breakage to dullness to dehydration. Here are the top four to add to your service menu...

Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair products stood in a line on a white marble surface
Before & after of dark curly hair that's been treated the Ultimate Repair 3-step ritual for damaged hair by Wella Professionals
Close-up of a person squeezing a bottle of Fusion Intense Repair Conditioner by Wella Professionals into their palm
Back of a person's head. They are running their hand through their straight, light brown hair strands
Wella Professionals WellaPlex products stood on a white table next to a box of Koleston Perfect, ColorTouch & Illumina Color
Close-up of strawberry blonde hair with a bottle of Wella Professionals WellaPlex No3 at the forefront
Profile of a model with short, dark brown hair holding a box of Shinefinity Color Glaze by Wella Professionals to their neck
A model with long blonde hair looks to the side while holding a box of Shinefinity Color Glaze over their shoulder