How to Make Dry, Brittle Hair History

Dry hair is more common than you might think. Hair strands are surprisingly sensitive, and moisture can be sapped away from all manner of daily aggressors – including heat damage, changing weather and pollution. And usually, dry hair = brittle hair, which makes locks more susceptible to snapping and breakage through the lengths. So what can you do to stop dehydration from turning into an even bigger drama for your tresses?

Here, we reveal the tricks to transform dry, brittle hair back to its silky best – and prevent further damage. Come rain or shine, these are the secrets to weather-proof, frizz-free, healthy-looking locks...

Hand holds a bottle of Fusion Intense Repair Shampoo by Wella Professionals
Model holds the Fusion Intense Repair Hair Mask by Wella Professionals
Model with long, brown curly hair looks to the side and down
Bottle of Elements Renewing Leave-In Spray by Wella Professionals sits on a wooden board
Model smiles while pumping Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil by Wella Professionals into their palm
Model’s back of head reveals their smooth, shiny brown hair that’s been treated with Wella Professional’s hair oil