Does Toner Damage Hair? What Hair Experts Need to Know

We all have those clients who get nervous about embracing a toner for the very first time. If their locks are already dry or delicate, they might worry that a rich, new hue will compromise their hair's condition. But does a toner really cause hair damage? And what can you do to protect strands?

Here, we reveal everything you need to know about toner and damage – including must-try toning products for strong, shiny, healthy-looking hair...

Model with long, curly, chocolate brown hair looks at the camera and smiles.
Model with long, wavy, sandy blonde hair and bangs look at the camera.
Model with long, curly, espresso brown hair holds a box of Shinefinity Color Glaze.

Shinefinity Color Glaze


If your client wants zero damage, zero lift and zero ammonia from their service, introduce them to a Shinefinity Color Glaze. This demi-permanent toner delivers shine you can feel with a translucent veil of colour. You can apply it to virgin hair to enhance a natural hair colour, to bleached hair for a glaze that truly pops, or to your client's current shade of coloured hair for a sheer transformation. It's also great for eliminating brassy tones – especially in blonde hair – with a palette of cool hues, especially as neutral and warm-toned shades.

Plus, a Shinefinity Color Glaze is ultra-quick. It takes up to 20 minutes to develop, but for an even subtler glow, you can give your client a 5 or 10-minute Speed Glaze. All those benefits with zero damage make it the perfect hair toning option for sensitized strands. It works on all hair types, meaning it's perfect for every client who craves sheer, translucent colour.

Model with long, wavy, black hair and purple highlights looks at back of Koleston Perfect hair colour.

Koleston Perfect


One tube of Koleston Perfect is sold every second – and it’s easy to see why. This permanent hair colour harnesses some of the most cutting-edge, hair-kind technology the salon world has seen. Case in point: usually, metals in the hair – such as copper found in water – can cause damage when you use oxidative colours. The metals and toner pigments combined can cause a reaction, which leaves locks stressed and sensitized. However, Koleston Perfect features the unique Metal Purifier, which neutralizes the metals when colour is applied to reduce damage.

The formula is also dermatologically tested², with up to 85% naturally derived ingredients³, and it gives your client up to 100% coverage of gray hairs. So, if it's a big shade transformation, major colour correction, or intense, high-shine colour they want, Koleston Perfect is their ideal toning product.

Model with green hair styled in a tousled bob looks at the camera.

Color Fresh


Extremely gentle and versatile, Color Fresh is the ultimate semi-permanent colour enhancer, featuring a palette of warm, cool and natural hues. Use it for clients who want an in-between services refresh, a sheer colour correction or a new look that, over time, fades beautifully with a true-to-tone finish. Each colour hue is ammonia-free with an acidic pH formula and a conditioning vitamin complex to keep hair healthy.

Use the original Color Fresh or, for bold colours, Color Fresh CREATE; a collection of ultra-vibrant shades that have this season's colon blocking and Gemini hair trends nailed. From bright yellow, to marine blue, to vivid violet, there's a shade for every bright colour-loving client – plus they're intermixable, so you can truly personalize their final look.