5 Ruby Red Hair Color Ideas & Formulas

It's the ultimate statement hair color; the reddest of all the reds. So it's no wonder color-brave clients are hailing ruby red hair the trend of all seasons. Brimming with cool blue undertones that give skin a glow and look fresh all year round, it's a bold hair color that never goes out of style, with a vibrancy that's guaranteed to turn heads. 

So how do you create ruby red hair in the salon? Here, we have all the tips, formulas and maintenance tricks you need to make ruby reds look ultra radiant...

Headshot of a person with long wavy ruby red hair wearing a black satin jacket
Close-up of a person with red painted nails squeezing a bottle of Ultimate Repair Shampoo into their palm
A person with bright red hair holding a bottle of Wella Professional Color Fresh Mask behind their head
A red bottle of Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue treatment stood against a gray marble wall