My Hair is Naturally Curly But Won't Curl Anymore

Even the tightest curls can lose definition over time. While your childhood curls may have been soft, supple and springy, daily wear and tear gradually alters the shape and texture. Your curl loss could be recent or it might have happened long ago, but whatever the case, there are ways you can bring the bounce back with the right hair care routine. The trick is to get to the root of what's weighing your curls or coils down, then recharge your routine with nourishing formulas that enhance your natural curly hair type. At Wella Professionals, we believe that how you choose to wear your hair is personal to you. Each curl type and curl pattern is unique, which is why we’ve developed a wide range of products to support you on your journey. 

So, if you're thinking 'my hair is naturally curly so why won't it curl anymore?', don't give up on those ringlets just yet. Follow the simple steps below. 

close up of hands squeezing a bottle of Wella Professionals’ WellaPlex No 3. Hair Stabilizer into their palm
Two bottles of WellaPlex No 3. Hair Stabilizer by Wella Professionals sat on a pick towel and soap dish
Before and after image of long, brown curly hair that’s been treated with Nutri-Enrich shampoo, mask, and Wonder Balm by Wella Professionals
Close up of hands holding Wella Professionals INVIGO Nutri-Enrich hair mask for dry hair
Close up of a section of brown, curly hair
Nutricurls Waves shampoo, conditioner and treatment all stood in a line
Pile of black handle scissors next to stacks of cut-out pictures
Bottle of EIMI Thermal Image heat protectant spray by Wella Professionals surrounded by styling tools
Bottle of Elements Renewing Leave-In Spray by Wella Professionals