Your Daily, Weekly & Monthly Curly Hair Routine

The secret to perfecting the curly hair journey? A consistent routine. If you want healthy hair, first you need to find the right products and techniques – and then you need to stick with them. But nailing major curl definition and bounce isn't just about how you treat locks day to day; it's also about the weekly and monthly rituals that keep dry, lifeless curls at bay. 

So, here's your daily, weekly and monthly curly hair guide, complete with styling and care application tips to make bad hair days history...

Model’s hair is washed by a hairstylist at the sink.
ULTIMATE REPAIR Conditioner and ULTIMATE REPAIR Mask on a marble surface.
A model with brown, curly hair holds up a bottle of ULTIMATE REPAIR Miracle Hair Rescue.
Before and after images. In the before shot, hair appears frizzy, while in the after shot, curls are bouncy and defined from using the ULTIMATE REPAIR regimen.
Back of model’s head. They have dark, curly hair and they’re holding up ULTIMATE REPAIR Miracle Hair Rescue.
Before and after image. In the before, curls appear frizzy, and in the after shot, they’re more defined from using ULTIMATE REPAIR Miracle Hair Rescue.