5 Causes of Frizzy Curly Hair & How to Prevent Them

From straight to wavy to curly – all hair types and textures are prone to frizz, but they each require tailored care rituals to keep those pesky, stressed-out strands at bay. So, when it’s frizzy curly hair that you or (if you’re a hairdresser) your client might be dealing with, a definition-boosting routine is key. Here, we reveal the nine nourishing steps that keep curls strong, bouncy and free of flyaways…

ULTIMATE REPAIR Conditioner and ULTIMATE REPAIR Mask on a white marble surface.
Back of model’s head showing curly hair before and after using the ULTIMATE REPAIR regimen. Curls appear bouncier and more defined in the after shot.
Back of model’s head with long, dark brown, curly hair, holding up the ULTIMATE REPAIR Mask.
Model with dark brown, curly hair holds ULTIMATE REPAIR Miracle Hair Rescue in front of their face.
ULTIMATE Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, Miracle Hair Rescue and Protective Leave-In on a marble surface.
A before and after collage showing curly hair that appears more defined after using ULTIMATE REPAIR Miracle Hair Rescue.