What is Hair Glossing? We’ve Got the Gloss


Everyone’s heard of glossy hair, but what about a hair gloss? If you’ve found yourself asking ‘what is hair glossing?’, chances are you’re missing out on its shine-boosting, tone-enhancing powers. Now’s the time to curb that FOMO with the new Wella Professionals Pure Glossing treatment, as we’ve pulled together the ultimate guide to getting the gloss. So, let’s start with the basics…

A hair gloss is a subtle coloring and conditioning treatment that infuses locks with radiance and shine. It’s perfect for refreshing blondes, reds, brunettes and bold shades in between color appointments, but it can also be used to add on-the-day luminosity to freshly-colored hair. Think of glossing as the hair industry’s best kept beauty secret, as it offers a cost-effective, fast way of breathing new life into locks, all in the space of a lunch break salon dash – seriously.

What are the Benefits of a Hair Gloss?

The clue’s in the name with this treatment. One session veils hair in the glossiest, most light-reflective shine, while offering up a host of other beauty benefits…

1. It Refreshes Existing Color

Picture the scene: you’re three or four weeks out from your last color appointment and - while it’s not time for another tint or head of highlights yet - you feel like your hair needs freshening up. This is where a hair gloss really shines; it imparts a subtle dose of brightening pigment, so you get that just-left-the-salon look and feel without repeating the full coloring process.

2. It Removes Brassy Tones

Brassy hair happens to the best of us. When yellow or orange tones start to crop up, a hair gloss works like a color corrector to neutralise the warmth. Opt for this treatment to keep tone in check in between appointments, and you and your clients will never have to worry about brassiness again.

3. It Creates the Subtlest Tint

When only the softest kiss of color will do, a hair gloss can be used in place of traditional toners for those who want to try out a new shade without seeing a dramatic shift. Use it to add a mahogany glaze to red locks, bring some chocolate brown warmth to medium brunettes or lend a subtle ashy tone to a naturally blonde base.

Photo of the back of a woman’s head with red hair, glossed using Wella Professionals

Image Credit: @shaunaformanhair

Photo of the back of a woman’s head with long, wavy, blonde hair, glossed using Wella Professionals

Image credit: @hairbyjonnynightingale

How is a Hair Gloss Applied?

The new Pure Glossing by Koleston Perfect service couldn’t be quicker or easier. Whether you’re a colorist who’s nailing the application or a customer who’s thinking of booking the treatment, check out the simple steps involved…

Step 1

First up, hair is shampooed to thoroughly remove any build-up or residue. This ensures you get the best results from a gloss, while making it quicker and easier to apply.

Step 2

A shade of Koleston Perfect permanent hair color is selected based on the desired end result. A few colors can be mixed up to create a custom blend.

Step 3

The Koleston Perfect shade is mixed with Welloxon Perfect 1.9% and INVIGO Color Service Post Hair Color Treatment with a 1 + 1 + 1 ratio.

Step 4

The blend is applied to hair, then combed through using a wide-toothed comb to create an even result.

Step 5

Color is left to develop for no more than 5-10 minutes. We weren’t kidding when we said a flawless gloss could be achieved in the space of a speedy lunch break.

Step 6

The gloss is rinsed out without shampoo, then dried and styled to perfection. And… you’re done!

The Glossiest Pure Glossing Looks

Our Wella Passionistas have been mixing up their own Pure Glossing blends in the salon. Here are some of our favorite looks…

Side profile of woman with mid-length, wavy, silver hair, glossed using Wella Professionals

The Silver Gloss

Image Credit: @kthrnaprg

Shine is a must in silver hair so, after lightening with Blondor Freelights, Katharina Pfrang gave her client a gloss by blending Welloxon Perfect Pastel Developer with INVIGO Color Service Post Hair Color Treatment and Koleston Perfect 10/16 + 10/8. Dreamy.

Photo of the back of a woman’s head with shiny, tousled, rose gold hair, glossed using Wella Professionals

The Rose Gold Gloss

Image Credit: @fergalwella

As if rose gold hair wasn’t covetable enough, Fergal Doyle has taken the look next-level with the Pure Glossing service. His formula? Koleston Perfect 30g 10/96 + 3g 33/66, blending with 33g Pastel and 33g INVIGO Color Service Post Hair Color Treatment.

Side profile of woman with long, wavy, blonde hair, glossed using Wella Professionals

The Blonde Gloss

Image Credit: @matthiasscharf

The best blonde hair happens when you give it a gloss. After lightening locks with Blondor, foils and our bond-strengthening system WellaPlex, Matthias boosted these baby blonde highlights using a glossing blend of 8/07 + 7/18 2:1 with 1,9% on the roots and 9/8 + 10/16 + 10/97 1:1:1 with 1,9% through the ends.

Photo of the back of a woman’s head with copper, wavy hair, glossed using Wella Professionals

The Red Gloss

Image Credit: @hairbysharell

Just look at that red. Sharell topped off a radiant copper hair hue with Pure Glossing, resulting in strands that positively sparkle with every swish and flick. Team a just-glossed ‘do like this with loose waves, and you’ll be taking the shimmer to the next level.

Side profile of woman with blonde balayage through brunette hair, glossed using Wella Professionals

The Brunette Gloss

Image Credit: @kopsidashair

Did you know? A glossing treatment can also help to blend balayage through brunette hair. This glowy graduation was enhanced using one part Koleston Perfect 7/31 + one part Welloxon Perfect Pastel Developer + one part INVIGO Color Service Post Hair Color Treatment.

How to Maintain a Hair Gloss Treatment

Step 1

If you want to keep a hair gloss looking luminous for longer, a hard-working haircare routine is a must. The best post-color pamper always begins with the INVIGO Color Brilliance collection. Tick off the basics with the Color Protection Shampoo and Vibrant Color Conditioner, then add in the Vibrant Color Mask as a once-weekly, nourishing treat.

Step 2

Gloss-boosting styling products are also essential. Safeguard strands from color-fading heated tools with a spritz of EIMI Thermal Image; a heat protectant spray that works with hairdryers, straighteners and curling irons. Then, make sure you have a series of shine products in your kit. Try EIMI Oil Spritz to make dull, dry hair dazzle, EIMI Glam Mist for lightweight, glamorous shine or EIMI Just Brilliant pomade to achieve shimmer and hold in one.

Watch a Hair Gloss in Action

Learn more about the glow-boosting effects of a hair gloss by watching our guide to the new Pure Glossing routine, featuring Wella Professionals Global Color Expert, Meiju Thornley.

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