Revealed: The Secret Behind Koleston Perfect’s Versatility

Woman with auburn hair holds a Koleston Perfect box in front of her face.

It takes skill and years of experience to create the most Instagrammable hair looks out there, but every colorist knows that the products you use play a crucial role in each masterpiece too. Without high performance, high definition and high precision hair color, that vibrant red or cool, crisp blonde wouldn’t look as eye-catching. But how do you know if you’re using the right tools? 

Let’s just say there’s a reason one tube of Koleston Perfect is sold every second across the globe. Here, we reveal what makes it one of the most versatile color products out there. Spoiler: it’s all about the innovative Ultra Precision Color Technology. 

Woman gazes into the distance as brown hair is swept by the breeze.
Group of three women with glossy, glowing hair.
Woman and hairdresser look through a book of Koleston Perfect hair color swatches.
Woman takes a selfie as her hairdresser adjusts her hair.
Woman takes a selfie with her hairdresser.
Close-up of woman as her blonde, wavy hair is swept by the breeze.
Close-up of wavy, rich, auburn hair.
Hairdresser adjusts woman’s long, wavy, auburn hair.