How to Care for Summer Hair Like a Pro


Dreaming of glossy, glowing summer hair? Between catching those holiday rays to posing for the ‘Gram on another beautiful beach, summer can take its toll on your locks without you even realising (hello, UV rays and salty sea water...)

But before you let the hotter months start wreaking havoc, read on to discover the expert tips that will protect your hair. From which sun protection products you should be using, to dealing with dry, lacklustre summer locks; follow our definitive guide to achieving (and maintaining) soft, silky lengths all season. Look no further for all your summer haircare advice right here...

Your Summer Hair Products

The key to achieving dream summer hair? It’s all in the hair heroes you choose. Cover the basics with three sun-proof essentials everyone needs: a sun-shielding shampoo, a reparative conditioner and a sunscreen spritz.

1. The Shampoo

Because salty water, sand and chlorine aren’t good for anyone’s hair, a special post-sun shampoo is needed to remove every last trace. Try INVIGO Sun After Sun Cleansing Shampoo, which cleanses the beach day away in the gentlest way – perfect for sun-beaten locks that are feeling a little fragile.

2. The Conditioner

For when your hair is dry and frizzy, and you don’t want to spend hours taming it, a fast-acting, intensive treatment is the ultimate fix. Enter INVIGO Sun After Sun Express Conditioner. This reparative, cossetting cream leaves hair looking healthier and feeling softer. Oh, and it only takes 60 seconds to smooth on, massage in and rinse out.

3. The Sunscreen

You already know that SPF is a must-have for your skin, but what about hair? Your locks deserve a dose of hard-working sun protection, too. That’s where INVIGO Sun UV Hair Color Protection Spray steps in; a lightweight mist that safeguards strands from color-fading UV rays. Shake and spray through damp or dry hair at home, on the beach, by the pool… we take it everywhere.

Close-up images of multi-tonal blonde hair color with a soft wavy texture, created using Wella Professionals.

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Photo of the back of a woman’s head with tousled brunette hair and blonde highlights, tied into a loose plait. Look created by Wella Professionals.

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The Best Haircare Tricks for Summer

Now you’ve got the kit, add these hacks to your heat-proof summer hair regimen. Whether you’re roaming sun-drenched streets or taking a plunge in the pool, it takes just a few tricks to keep locks in tip-top condition.

1. Gloss Like a Boss

Avoid summer shade fade with a hair gloss, like our Pure Glossing Service. This subtle coloring and conditioning treatment offers a cost-effective way of removing brassy tones, while a hint of a tint refreshes your hair hue in the space of a lunchbreak. Book in between color appointments to keep blondes, reds, brunettes and bolds looking fresh all season long.

2. Get Soaked Before You Swim

Trust us – chlorine and salty sea water are the last things you want your hair to be soaking up. The good news is, because your locks work like a sponge, they actually reach a saturation point. That’s why it’s always best to soak your hair with clean water before you go swimming. This way, it will be less able to absorb anything else… chlorine included.

3. Hold Off on Heat

Using heat in the heat is a big no-no, so avoid running straightening irons and curling tongs through sun-parched strands. Instead, embrace your hair’s natural movement with the perfect styling essentials. Our picks? For wavy locks that usually get straightened, give your curves a boost with EIMI Ocean Spritz salt spray, or lend definition to typically-tonged curls using EIMI Nutricurls Boost Bounce mousse.

Close-up image of balayage hair color, styled in loose curls, created by Wella Professionals.

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Photo of the back of a woman’s head with blonde hair styled in loose waves, created using Wella Professionals.

Image Credit: @rcgimenes

4. Time Those Trims

Now’s the time to get serious about regular trims. Dead ends are one of our biggest summer hair downfalls, and if you let split tips get out of control, you can end up needing a hefty chop later on. Make sure you get strands snipped every six weeks to lose the damage while keeping the length. End still looking frayed? Ask for a 20-minute Recover treatment at the salon to smooth things over.

5. Do the Summer Twist

Long, loose waves are always our go-to style, but heat and humidity can cause frizzy, hard-to-tame hair to rear its head. Avoid an unmanageable mane by opting for a fail-safe summer braid. We like to smooth EIMI Flowing Form through damp hair before drying to create a smoother texture to work with, then braid and twist until your hair is summer-ready. So you can forget frizz once and for all...

6. Don’t Sweat It

Whether you’re island-hopping or city-breaking, sometimes there’s no escaping a sweaty hairline as the temperatures rise. If you’re starting to feel the summer heat, spritz away sweat with EIMI Dry Me. Spray directly onto roots and around the hairline to freshen up hair; absorbing sweat and oil, boosting volume and texturizing hair in an instant. It’s a must-pack for perfect summer hair on-the-go (so you can save the sweaty hairline for hot yoga class...)

7. Postpone Platinum

If you’re thinking of stepping up your shade to a bold platinum blonde, summer might not be the best time to take your icy blonde to the next level. With the risk of chlorine altering your color and the sun potentially zapping your shade, we’d recommend staying with a more sun-kissed, multi-tonal blonde hue during the hotter months to retain your summer hair color. If you do decide to take your blonde shade lighter, be sure to use sun protection for hair and wear a hat to keep your color looking fresh and flawless.

Image of the back of a woman’s head, showing light blonde hair color and loose, natural-looking waves, created by Wella Professionals.

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Close-up image of side of woman’s head, wearing pink hair color and boxer braids, created by Wella Professionals.

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Looking for more summer hair inspiration? Browse our pick of the best festival-ready hairstyles, or find your ultimate blonde hue to try a new summer shade. There’s also endless hair ideas on our Wella Hair Pinterest board and @WellaHair Instagram. Make sure to tag us in your photos with #WellaHair #AskForWella to show off your latest styles and be in with the chance to get featured on our social channels.