Dry Scalp and Oily Hair? Try These 8 Tips

Do you have combination hair? While it sounds like the ultimate oxymoron, we often meet with clients who have a dry scalp and oily hair (or what seems like a dry scalp, but more on that later). And while restoring natural balance to oil glands on the scalp might seem tricky, the solution is simpler than you think – as long as you have the right hair products in your kit and pro tricks up your sleeve.  

So, let's explore the reasons why you might have flakes and greasy hair, plus tips for a healthy scalp (and, in turn, healthy hair) that feels calm and renewed... 

Model wearing an orange top holds the INVIGO Nutri-Enrich shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask by Wella Professionals
Four products (shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and balm) from the Nutricurls product range by Wella Professionals stood on a white table
Pot of Elements Purifying Pre-Shampoo Clay by Wella Professionals sits on a wooden board
Close-up of a hand clasped around the mid-lengths of a person's light blonde hair
A bottle of Elements Calming Serum sits on a wooden board surrounded by green vegetation and cream fabric
Close-up of hands resting on a head of curly hair while spritzing Elements Calming Serum by Wella Professionals on the roots
Close-up of a wooden comb being brushed through the mid-lengths of light brown, straight hair
Hairstylist stands behind their client whilst holding and analyzing their dark brown hair