7 High Contrast Balayage Ideas & Formulas

Three images showing the before and after of a newly styled high contrast balayage hairstyle

Just when you thought balayage couldn’t get any dreamier, high contrast balayage comes along to take your clients’ painterly locks to the next level. This hair colour trend is exactly what it sounds like: a freehand lightening technique that relies on the highest highs and lowest lows to make strands pop. The bolder and more dramatic your highlights, the brighter your contrast will be. 

So, let's take a closer look at some of the most mesmerizing high contrast balayage looks around, featuring pro colourist formulas and tips to maintain your client's shade...

Side profile of a person a red and black high contrast balayage hairstyle

Image Credit: @paintedhair

Headshot of a person looking down to show their blonde and brunette high contrast balayage hairstyle

Image Credit: @huesbygabrielle