”Why is My Hair So Dry?” Plus How to Fix It

“Why is my hair so dry?” It’s a question you’ve probably heard from many of your clients – especially when the weather is wreaking havoc on their locks. But there’s no one size fits all answer. The causes of dry hair can range from pollution to genes to heat styling – which is why this question is best answered with a run-down of your client’s hair routine. 

So, when your client asks about dryness, ask them about their hair history, how they look after their locks, and how long their hair has been struggling for. Below, we reveal some of the common causes of dry hair that you might uncover – plus how to rehydrate strands from root to very tip…

Model’s hair is washed with Ultimate Repair Shampoo.
Model holds a bottle of Ultimate Repair Shampoo and pours product into the palm of their hand.
Before and after collage showing how Miracle Hair Rescue has helped to nourish and define a model’s curly hair.
Model with dark, curly hair holds a bottle of Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue.
Model with long, wavy, blonde hair having a hair consultation with their stylist.
A jar of INVIGO Senso Calm Sensitive Mask on a white background.
Back of model’s head with long, dark, straight hair fanning behind them.
EIMI Thermal Image heat protectant surrounded by a hair brush, hair straighteners and a curling iron.
Jar of Oil Reflections Luminous Reboost Mask, which nourishes hair structure and adds shine.
Back of model’s head with long, brown, wavy hair.
Close-up of model’s dark brown, curly, shiny hair.
A hand holds Elements Renewing Shampoo underneath the showerhead.
A hand holds a bottle of ColorMotion+ Color Protection Shampoo, which delivers smoothness, shine and color care.
Close-up of model’s wavy, honey blonde hair.