How to Maintain Blonde Hair: The Complete Guide

It takes a lot of skill to achieve the perfect shade of blonde. So, when your client reaches their dream color, the last thing they want is for their flawless shade to turn brassy or dull. No one is better placed to show them how to maintain blonde hair than you – their colorist – which is why we've pulled together must-have blonde hair care tips you can pass on for their at-home regimen. But, first…

Hand holds up a bottle of ColorMotion+ Shampoo.
Bottle of INVIGO Color Brilliance Shampoo is passed from one hand to another.
ULTIMATE REPAIR Shampoo, Mask, Miracle Hair Rescue and Protective Leave-In.
Model with damp hair wrapped in a towel holds up the ULTIMATE REPAIR Mask.
Back of model’s head with long, damp hair. Their hairdresser holds up ULTIMATE REPAIR Miracle Hair Rescue.
ULTIMATE REPAIR Protective Leave-In and Miracle Hair Rescue on a marble surface.
Model with short, blonde, curly hair faces the camera.
Hand holds up a bottle of EIMI Glam Mist.
A close-up of a model’s straight, blonde hair being trimmed by a hairdresser.

SHINEFINITY Speed Glaze application

Lilac Frost Hair Tutorial with Color Fresh Masks | Wella Professionals