How to Take Care of Curly Hair: Washing & Moisturizing

Knowing how to take care of curly hair is a skill. Because every curl type, pattern and texture is unique, understanding just what strands need – and when, and why – can require a whole lot of trial and error. But it’s so worth every second of effort. Healthy, bouncy curls turn heads like no other look, whether they’re soft and loose, tight and textured or somewhere in between.

So, how do you take care of curly hair? These are the tips you and your client need to maintain the most radiant, nourished and voluptuous curls around…

Model with dark brown, curly hair smiles at the camera.

Look Credit: @brianacisneros and @danielmbeauty

Model with caramel brown, curly hair looks directly into camera.

Look Credit: @romeufelipe

Model with glossy, brown, curly hair and caramel highlights looks directly into the camera.

Image Credit: @danielmbeauty

Collection of Wella NutriCurls products.
Ultimate Repair Conditioner is poured into hand.
Model with long, curly, light brown hair looks directly into camera.
Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue is misted through model’s dark, curly hair.
Collage showing curly hair before and after using Miracle Hair Rescue. Curls appear more defined after use.