How to Create the Freshest Ash Green Hair

Profile of woman with glossy, curly, ash green hair, created using Wella Professionals.

Every ash blonde or ash brown hair color has a little olive in there. It’s what keeps the shades so crisp and cool – and why we use these tones to correct hair when it steers too warm. But what happens when you take those hints of matte to the next level? Lean deeper into the olive, and you’ve got ash green hair; this season’s most eye-catching hue.

Only for the brave and the bold, it’s a color that defies all convention, whether you take it deep, dark and almost-emerald, or opt for a brighter, more electrifying take. This season, we’re seeing brunettes embrace greens with the same fervor as the blue hair trend. And, honestly: it’s easy to see why when you take a look at the ‘Gram-ready creations below.

Here, we reveal everything you need to know about perfecting your own ash green masterpieces, featuring inspiration and formulas you’ll want to save for later…

Back of woman’s head with mid-length, wavy, blonde and ash green hair

Image Credit: @leequiinn

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