5 Luminous Blue-Gray Hair Ideas & Formulas

Image Credit: @e_medz via @wellahairusa

Blue hair and gray hair have both been high on the trend agenda in recent months, as more and more clients have embraced silver tones or gone bold with bright, oceanic hues. So, it was only a matter of time before blue-gray hair would make an impact; an ethereal blend of two cool-toned colors that – as you’ll see – work in flawless tandem. 

But, just because it looks like blue and gray shades should intertwine with ease, doesn’t mean creating blue-gray hair is simple. It’s all in how you mix up and sweep on the formula. Here’s everything you need to know before trying out the trend on your clients, including five formulas you can bring to life in the salon…

Back of woman’s head with long, super-straight, blue gray hair, created using Wella Professionals.

Image Credit: @lucianbusuioc | @tombadgerhair

Back of woman’s head with long, wavy, blue gray hair in a braid, created using Wella Professionals.