Should You Wash Hair Before Coloring? The Ultimate Prep Guide

Model has hair washed with ULTIMATE REPAIR Shampoo.

There’s a lot of talk about how to care for colored hair after that dream shade is locked in, but the steps your client takes before they sit in the salon chair can be just as important. One question that often comes up is, ‘should you wash your hair before coloring?’ And it’s a good one to ask – there’s a lot of debate around whether clean hair or ‘dirty’ hair is the best canvas for a flawless shade.

So, keep scrolling to find out when to wash hair before color or highlights, as well as tips to prepare your clients for the most stunning services…

Model has hair washed with ULTIMATE REPAIR Shampoo.
A drop of ULTIMATE REPAIR Shampoo.
Hairdresser pours ULTIMATE REPAIR Shampoo into palm of hand.
Hairdresser pours ULTIMATE REPAIR Conditioner into palm of hand.
ULTIMATE REPAIR Miracle Hair Rescue is sprayed through model’s long, dark hair.
A bottle of Marula Oil Blend Scalp Primer.
Marula Oil Blend Scalp Primer is applied to model’s scalp.
INVIGO Color Brilliance Color Protection Shampoo is poured into model’s hand.
Close-up of model with dark brown and red, glossy hair.