Hair Color Ideas to Make Your Client Look Younger

Back of woman’s head with long, wavy hair, showing off the Wella Professionals Luxelights color service.

For years, skincare has been tipped as the go-to for an anti-ageing effect, with toners, creams and serums taking credit for a glowy complexion or tighter-looking skin. However, beauty experts are starting to take notice of the youth-boosting effects of hair color too, and the results are startling. Think, added healthy radiance that instantly takes years off your face.

We’re firm believers in celebrating the beauty of hair at every age, whether you choose to embrace your natural shade, subtly enhance your color or transform your hue completely. This guide is for those clients who want the best hair colors to make them look younger, so when they ask for your advice, you will have these tips, tricks and looks at the ready. But, first up…

Woman with curly hair and golden highlights, created using Wella Professionals.

1. Golden Hues

Image Credit: @bradthomashair



The Formula: No lightener – just Koleston Perfect 12/1 with 30 vol.


The Look: A golden glow – on hair and skin – is eternally flattering, so try adding gilded highlights to locks for a dose of light-reflective luminosity. With babylights, foilyage, ombre, balayage or traditional highlighting techniques, we recommend introducing golden blonde or decadent caramel tones to all base colors. Just make sure your client keeps a purple shampoo in their hair care kit, so they can stop the warmth from tipping into the brassy zone.

Back of woman’s head with long, gray roots and silver lengths.


Image Credit: @guleonidaspro

Back of woman’s head with wavy platinum blonde hair, created using Wella Professionals.



Back of woman’s head with long, wavy hair, showing off the Wella Professionals Luxelights color service.

3. Luxelights

Image Credit: @matherzberg


The Formula: Teased foils were applied with Blondor Freelights + 4% 13 vol Blondor Freelights developer, followed by freehand highlights using Blondor Freelights + Freelights Developer 6% 30 vol. An Illumina Color root shadow was applied with 7/ + 7/81 + 1,9% Pastel 6 vol + Post Color Treatment, then ends were glossed in 10/38 + 1,9% Pastel 6 vol + Post Color Treatment.


The Look: Boosting dimension and contrast is the best kept secret in anti-ageing hair. The shine, the volume, the touch of brightness… Together, these benefits are unmatched. Our newest color upgrade service, Luxelights, gives your clients all this and more, teaming a root shadow (that also disguises gray regrowth) with highlights through the mid-lengths and ends. This technique can be carried out with any Wella color products, but traditionally we would use BlondorPlex in foils, Koleston Perfect on the roots and Koleston Perfect Glossing on the lengths and ends.

Close-up of brown hair with balayage, created using Wella Professionals.

4. Brunette Balayage

Image Credit: @laila.wella and @wellanordic


The Formula: Highlights with #Magma by Blondor /89 + 9%, then Color Touch 6/77 + 1,9% applied as the toner.


The Look: Though jet black hair can start to appear a little flat as time goes on, sweeping brunette balayage through mid-lengths and ends takes the edge off, while maintaining that dreamy depth. Hints of chocolate, mahogany, mocha, and walnut will illuminate dark brown hair, lending an instant anti-ageing effect and a root-lifting body boost.

Back of woman’s head with long, wavy, creamy blonde hair, created using Wella Professionals.

5. Creamy Blonde

Image Credit: @murribunbuns


The Formula: Blondor 1,9% + 3% for the highlights, followed by a gloss with Illumina Color 8/69 8/38.


The Look: Natural blondes will love the light-boosting power of a creamier shade. This hue creates a warm halo around the face, which helps to soften features and play up the structure of cheekbones. Aim for a level 9 or 10 with a delicate hint of buttery yellow; enough to diffuse the brightness without going overly-warm.