Why Protecting Hair From the Sun is Important

You already know how important it is to layer SPF on your skin year-round, but it’s easy to forget those UV rays can also have an impact on your hair. So, consider this your friendly reminder: sun care shouldn’t just stop at your scalp, as those harmful UV rays can leave your locks dry and brittle, while causing colour to fade. Here, we reveal how you can ward off sun damage in the summer months – and beyond – to keep your shade looking fresh, and your hair perfectly nourished, no matter the weather…

Back of model’s head with beachy blonde hair blowing in the breeze.
Model holds sun hat and sunglasses down by their side.
Shampoo placed on an arm to demonstrate the recommended amount of shampoo to use per hair wash.
Back of model’s head with long, dark brown hair.
Side of model’s head with long, dark brown hair. 
Model with blonde hair holding Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothing Oil for all hair types.