5 Blonde Hair Gloss Ideas for the Freshest Glow

Maintaining blonde hair is notoriously tricky. While freshly-coloured locks look clean, crisp and glowy, without the right care, a lightened mane can quickly fade brassy and dull. That’s why, when you’re working with blondes, it’s not just about creating their perfect shade; it’s also crucial to advise on the right after-care, so their hue appears fresher for longer.

So, what are the options? You have two key go-tos:

  1.  Book your clients in for a glossing service between colouring appointments.
  2.  Recommend they use a colour-depositing mask at home in between salon visits.

But best results happen when you combine the two. Here, we’re breaking down the benefits of both, so you can create and maintain the most radiant blonde shades around.

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Collage of three Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask before and afters.

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