14 Braided Hairstyles – From Dutch to Crown


Whether you’re looking to glam up your own hair, or you’re a stylist with a long list of blowdry bookings, braid hairstyles are set to be your saviour as we head into festival season. Nothing says ‘summer-ready hair’ like creating a plait that helps you beat the heat, and who better to provide inspiration than our ultra-talented Wella Passionistas and featured stylists?

That’s why we’ve rounded up 14 of our favorite easy braid hairstyles – from Dutch to crown – that will take you through to your next vacation, and beyond. Think weddings, festivals, long weekends… Braids are as versatile and weather-proof as hair gets this time of year, so have your kit of EIMI essentials at the ready for a little new-season braiding…

The Best Braided Hairstyles for Summer ‘19

Braid Hairstyles: Fishtail Braids

The Mini Fishtail Braid

Image Credit: @boudoirhairalbury

Your fishtail braid gets a festival hair upgrade with this half-up, one-sided ‘do. We love how Lia at Boudoir has tucked the tip underneath a veil of long mermaid waves. A plait this intricate needs some grip and support to stay in place, so layer EIMI Dry Me into the roots before styling, then finish the lengths and ends with EIMI Glam Mist to give a healthy-looking gloss.

Woman with long, blonde hair showing off a fishtail braid, created using Wella Professionals

The Full Fishtail Braid

Image Credit: @kellynaso

Okay, okay – so it’s not just a fishtail. This bumper braid by Kelly Naso starts off as two Dutch braids, which meet in the middle to form a fishtail plait. Flyaways are an absolute no-no in this bridal-esque hairstyle, so keep them at bay by spritzing EIMI Mistify Me Light hairspray into the palms of hands, then gently pressing onto frizz to smooth.

Woman with long, blonde hair showing off a Dutch braid, created using Wella Professionals

The Dutch Braid

Image Credit: @hair_by_vanya

A Dutch braid is a little like a classic French braid, in that you gradually add strands in as you braid. The big difference? Instead of crossing the hair over, you pass it from side to side underneath.

That’s the foundation of this pretty half-up style, which segues into an inside-out braid through the mid-lengths, before being held in place with a clear elastic. A look this glossy means the ends of hair need to be in tip-top condition, so mist EIMI Oil Spritz through tips to achieve major shine.

Braid Hairstyles: Tapestry Braid

The Tapestry Braid

Image Credit: @kai_sohn

Far from your traditional plait, the tapestry braid sees hair cross-hatched together through the crown, à la Kai Sohn’s ultra-mesmerizing look. We love how he’s finished the ‘do with a nape-hugging ponytail and plenty of shine. A light dab of EIMI Just Brilliant pomade on the surface of hair will achieve the same level of luminosity.

Braid Hairstyles: Halo Braid

The Crown Braid

Image Credit: @hairby_heathercap

Is there anything more romantic than a crown braid? We think not, and Heather Day Caprioli’s delicate creation is the ultimate proof of why. This look is ideal for days and nights when the air is a little humid, because it defies the weather. Smooth a couple of pumps of Perfect Me through the hair before braiding, pull a few tendrils free, then mist with EIMI Super Set finishing hairspray to hold the style in place.

Woman with copper red hair styled in a twisted DNA braid, created using Wella Professionals

The DNA Braid

Image Credit: @joanneoneill15

Creating a DNA braid is so much easier than it looks, so don’t fear if you’re a hairstylist whose client shows you a reference that looks like Joanne O’Neill’s masterpiece. You can read how to get the look in our round-up of the hottest summer hairstyles – because what could be more beach-perfect than head-turning braids that stay this secure?

Woman with blonde balayage through loose braids and twists, created using Wella Professionals

The Twisted Braid

Image Credit: @david_bkc

Do braids last longer than twists? Usually, yes, because they’re weaved a little tighter, but David’s combo of loose plaits and twists have plenty of staying power. Bands are staggered throughout the style to lend structure and hold, but Use EIMI Dynamic Fix to keep your ready.

Woman with blonde balayage through a half-up braid, created using Wella Professionals

The Half-Up Braid

Image Credit: @naomipaintshair

There’s something a little bit 90s about this low-key, loosely-braided look. It’s one part ‘girl next door’ and one part ‘look at how epic my balayage is’. The dreamiest style for anyone who wants to show off multi-tonal blonde highlights, it should be plaited tight at first, then gently loosened with a few tugs at the sides. Work Cocktail Me and Extra Volume mousse through wet hair and blowdry before braiding for longer lasting volume and shine.

Woman with ice blonde Dutch braids, created using Wella Professionals

The Inside Out Braid

Image Credit: @tpla_hairart

Technically, an inside out braid (or reverse braid) is the same as a Dutch braid, as it sees the plait stick out and sit on top of the head, instead of weaving inwards. We love this high-shine, ice blonde take from the experts at TPLA, but it’s a look that relies on volume, so make sure you build body by drying EIMI Root Shoot into damp roots and lengths.

Woman with braided rainbow hair, created using Wella Professionals

The Rainbow Braid

Image Credit: @esotericastudiosdfw and @mercymarissahair

Rainbow hair is trending for spring/summer ’19, and what cooler way to show off the full spectrum of bold, bright shades created with Color Fresh Create than with a combo of braids? Not only does this half-up style give you a peek at the hidden hues in the lower layers, but it also shows off Featured Stylist, Mercy Green’s insane braiding skills.

Woman with pink hair styled in a five-strands braid, created using Wella Professionals

The Five-Strand Braid

Image Credit: @hairbyasla

Anyone who lives by a ‘more is more’ philosophy will love this mega, maxi braid, which swaps the typical three-strand technique for a five-piece, thatched effect. Better suited to thick hair, you’ll want to prep mid-lengths and ends with plenty of EIMI Dry Me dry shampoo to ensure the plait has enough grip to last.

Woman with brown hair styled in rope braids, created using Wella Professionals

The Rope Braid

Image Credit: @shea_eliz

Is winter coming? Because this Game of Thrones-inspired look is giving us the chills. At the crown, you can see four rope braids peeking out, before trailing into a Dutch braid. To get one rope, simply divide a section of hair into two pieces, twist each piece from root to tip, then wrap them around each other and secure at the ends.

Woman with brunette, braided updo, created using Wella Professionals

The Ponytail Braid

Image Credit: @badwolfstudio

If halo and Heidi braids are too whimsy but you still want to achieve a braided updo, go for this plaited ponytail, created by Emily Andrews at Bad Wolf Studio. A glossy pony gets an upgrade with a braid weaved on one side, while tendrils tumble into soft, loose waves, thanks to a curling iron. Try the Pro-Curl Conical tong for a similar effect.

Woman with blonde boxer braids, created using Wella Professionals

The Boxer Braid

Image Credit: erin.xo.hair

Toughen up your look with tight boxer braids – or recommend the trend to a gym-loving client – because these powerful plaits stay fierce and flawless in the face of anything. They’re best achieved on day-two hair that has a bit of guts to it, but you can also cheat that grippy texture by ruffling EIMI Ocean Spritz salt spray through dry hair to prep. Easy.

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