Want Sustainable Hair Products? Count on Wella

Model with glossy, dark blonde hair holds a box of Koleston Perfect permanent hair color.

Running a sustainable salon isn't just good for the environment – although that is the top incentive. These days, what's good for the planet is also good for your hair business, and the beauty industry as a whole. More and more clients are prioritizing beauty brands that align with their eco-conscious values, and that extends to the products their hairdressers use, including their approaches to recyclable packaging and more natural ingredients.

So, if you haven't already, it's time to adjust the recycling processes you follow when carrying out color services. Here's how our team at Wella Professionals is bringing ethical and eco-friendly hair products to you and your clean living clients – from color to care...

Recyclable aluminum color tubes by Wella Professionals.
Recyclable cardboard boxes of Koleston Perfect by Wella Professionals
Wella Elements hair care pouches next to the Elements recharge station.
A model demonstrates how the Wella Elements recharge station works.
A model with curly hair holds up a bottle of Elements Calming Shampoo.
A model squeezes Elements Renewing Shampoo into the palm of their hand from a refill pouch.