How to Get the Rose Gold Hair Color Trend

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Rose gold hair is trending. From pink lemonade tints to a rosé wine wash, the key to rose gold hair is getting the right balance of dusty pink hues, a touch of apricot and a shine-boosting metallic shimmer. Done correctly, this look can suit everyone, whether their base color is light blonde, medium brown or dark brunette. Just follow our tips to creating a rose gold shade that makes complexions glow…

Rose Gold for Blonde Hair

Pale blonde is the perfect canvas for rose gold hair. If your client craves an all-over wash, their light base color means the task of pre-lightening can be kept to a minimum. You also have greater control over the color intensity, giving you the option to create a soft, pinky tint or dial up to a heavy metal hue.

To achieve rose gold on lighter hair, try a semi-permanent enhancer, like Color Fresh CREATE. By mixing Nudist Pink and Uber Gold with Tomorrow Clear, you can customise the shade to perfection, like these Passionistas did…


Rosy Roots

Make like Inés Morley and concentrate the metallic color at the roots, resulting in a rosy graduation to gently-blushed blonde tips. This placement works best with a low-key wave, so finish the look by wrapping the mid-lengths of hair around the Pro-Curl tong and spritzing with EIMI Glam Mist Shine Spray.


Image Credit: @_inesmorley_



Pastel Tint

This is an all-over rose gold done right. Uber Gold is your friend if you love this shade, as it gives the dose of Nudist Pink a radiant, reflective finish. Because it already veers pastel, the fade will be ultra-flattering. Just make sure your clients use INVIGO Blonde Recharge Shampoo at home to keep brassy tones at bay.


Image Credit: @tpla_hairart


Rose Gold for Brown Hair

Think rose gold tones won’t work on light brown hair? Think again. Rose brown hair is gaining traction right now, and it’s essentially the pinky-caramel blend all brown-haired girls have been looking for. For the most Instagrammable finish, think sun-kissed with rose brown color placement, opting for freehand balayage techniques over a root-to-tip approach.


Painterly Pink

There’s plenty of pink in Dimo Zlatarov’s take on rose brown hair, which was perfected using our permanent hair color, Illumina Color. With so many warm blonde, blush and toffee tones in the portfolio, it’s possible to custom-blend a shade to suit all light and mid-brown base colors.


Image Credit: @zlatarovdimo



Coral Rose

For rose gold that packs a punch, make like Malyssa and add a scattering of coral strands. She created look with Color Fresh CREATE using the shades Hyper Coral (diluted), Nu-Dist Pink and plenty of Tomorrow Clear through light brown hair. Clients won’t want to let this color go, so we recommend they keep it fresh with a once-weekly dose of INVIGO Color Recharge Red Conditioner. 


Image Credit:

Rose Gold for Dark Hair

Getting a rose gold look on dark brunette or black hair can be a challenge. It requires a salon visit (or two) for the lightening process, another one for the hair to be coloured, then follow-up appointments to tone and refresh that rosy shade.

It’s worth it for the final effect, but for clients hoping to avoid all-over lightening, suggest bands of rose gold color that make just as much of an impact. Here’s proof…


Raspberry Rose


Greta Wagner describes this as berry rosé and we think that sums it up perfectly. We love the mix of glossy pink with brighter, raspberry tones that make the rosiness pop. Pre-lightening will be required to get this kind of look, but that’s what Blondor Freelights and bond-strengthening system, WellaPlex, were made for.


Image Credit: @gretawagner_


Dream Dip Dye

This is the dream dip-dye. Dark brown hair melts into a fusion of fuchsia, copper and rose gold hues in Katharina’s flawless creation. A lot of pre-lightening has to take place to achieve this level of vibrancy, so ensure your clients are keeping their hair hydrated with INVIGO Nutri-Enrich Mask.


Image Credit: @kthrnaprg

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