How to Do a Pink Hair Gloss

Combine the head-turning power of pink hair colour with the sheer shine boost of a gloss, and you’ve got one of the most covetable trends to rock the festival scene – and beyond. So, when you offer up a pink hair gloss to your clients, don’t be shocked if your stock flies off the shelves. After all, just the name screams soft, silky and summery hair that shimmers.

Want in? Let’s take a closer look at how you can give your clients the perfect pink hair gloss, whether you’re recommending at-home fixes or mixing up a shine-boosting hue in the salon…

A person with glossy pink, wavy hair facing a grey and pink coloured wall

Image Credit: @fergaldoylehair

A headshot of a person with long light pink hair looking down

Image Credit: @hairbygerrileigh

Before and after of light blonde curly hair that's been coloured with a red Colour Fresh Mask
A person holding a bottle of Color Fresh Mask in shade Rose Blaze behind their head
A person holding a bottle of Color Fresh Mask in shade Peach Blush behind their head
Close-up of a person's hand with pale pink painted nails running fingers through their pink hair
Before and after of short blonde hair that's been coloured with a Color Fresh Mask in Peach Blush
Headshot of a person who's face is mostly concealed by their long, pink-purple wavy hair

Image Credit: @kennyhairartist