Dreamy Pink Hair Colour Ideas & Formulas

Pink hair shows no signs of slowing down. The candied colour has been everyone’s go-to pastel hue for years, standing out amongst a slew of mint greens, pale yellows and true baby blues. From playful pink tints to chic rose tones with a metallic finish, everyone is obsessed with pink hair. A trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

If shades of fuchsia, magenta and raspberry have got you tickled pink, it’s time to start experimenting with pink hair blends that will make your clients’ hair shimmer. We’ve rounded up our favorite pink hair colour ideas complete with formulas. There’s something for every client, whether they love bumped-up bobs, grown-out roots or mermaid manes…

How To Create Vintage Pink Hair using Color Fresh Create | Wella Professionals