6 Ways Your Hair Can Help You Feel More Confident

Your hair – AKA your 'crowning glory' – can have a huge impact on your confidence. In fact, according to research by Yale University, bad hair days don't just affect what's on your head but what happens inside it too. The study revealed that when your locks are not looking their best, it can alter your self-esteem and make you feel less in control. But when you have a good hair day, the psychological impact can be greatly positive. 

So, we've rounded up six tips to help you get a boost in confidence and show off your hair with pride – whether you're targeting concerns with a new hair routine, enhancing your shade, or trying out a fresh look...

3 models all wearing red stand in front of a red backdrop. One has blonde hair, one has dark curly hair & one has brown hair
Headshot of a model in front of a red backdrop wearing a red jacket and lipstick. They have voluminous brown curly hair
Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair products arranged in a line in front of a dark red backdrop
A person with long black hair faces away from the camera while flicking their hair over their shoulders
A model's face is concealed by their curly brown hair. They hold a bottle of Miracle Hair Rescue Treatment over their head
A tub of Elements Pre-Shampoo Clay Mask by Wella Professionals on a wooden board