Why Ice Blonde is the Coolest Hair Trend Right Now

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Ice blonde hair color is cooler than ever. When it’s not turning heads on the SS19 catwalks, the trend is cropping up in the locks of the A-list - from Lady Gaga to Gigi Hadid. The striking look features the palest of platinum tones, sometimes paired with a silver, white or blue hue, and always appearing to shimmer as if strands have been veiled in a touch of frost.

Ice blonde, side-swept bob with loose curls, created using Wella Professionals

Image Credit: @aswhair

Side-on image of woman with ice blonde, wavy bob, created Wella Professionals

Image Credit: @head_studio_rockingham

So, how do you get hair to look this light? It may take a couple of salon appointments but, whether you’re trying the trend yourself or you’re a colorist creating the look, Wella Professionals’ extensive color portfolio has got you covered.

To start, hair must be pre-lightened to a very pale yellow color with a lightener from the Blondor range. Don’t panic - the yellow is normal and works as a base before hair is toned to an icy-cool shade. Then, toner should be smoothed through all pre-lightened sections of hair. Look to the likes of one of our top permanent hair dye products, Opal-Essence by Illumina Color in Silver Mauve or Koleston Perfect ME+ 10/13, 10/8, 12/81 or 12/96.

As with any Wella color service, ice blonde hair can be achieved by adding WellaPlex to the pre-lightener; our innovative strengthening treatment that fortifies internal bonds as hair  is colored or lightened.

WellaPlex is a three-step system and two of the steps are done in-salon. Step one (Wellaplex No1 Bond Maker) reconstructs bonds within the hair, allowing lightening or color to penetrate in the optimal way, while step two (No2 Bond Stabilizer) further reconstructs bonds, re-balances pH and strengthens the hair structure after color services. Step three (No3 Hair Stabilizer) is a weekly treatment to be used at home to maintain the results, keeping strands smooth, conditioned and feeling more manageable in between salon visits.  

As for how to style ice blonde hair, we love edging it up with a short, blunt bob. But you can also go the Kim K way, and show off a super-long, silky-smooth mane. Keep color fresh with salon appointments every 3-4 weeks, and try blending trends by adding pastel tips in shades of aqua and bubblegum pink. Here’s your hairspiration...

Woman with ice blonde, loosely-curled hair and dark roots, created using Wella Professionals


Embrace the dark roots trend with a touch of ice blonde through the mid-lengths of hair. Keep the vibe effortless by wrapping strands around the curling iron, then brushing curls out to create a loose wave.


Image Credit: @casual_chique

Side-on photo of woman with long, curly ice blonde hair, created using Wella Professionals


Show off the shine in ice blonde strands by creating glossy curls. Apply our curl-defining mousse, EIMI Boost Bounce, to smooth frizz and add volume. Then, blow dry and wind two-inch sections of hair around a curling iron. Set with EIMI Stay Essential for invisible, flexible hold.


Image Credit: @artistsalon

Woman with super-straight, shiny, ice blonde hair, created using Wella Professionals


For platinum hair as smooth as a sheet of ice, apply three or four pumps of EIMI Flowing Form to damp strands, then dry with the nozzle of the hair dryer pointing down the hair shaft. Finish by gliding your straightener through locks to get a silky look.


Image Credit: @_hairbytfrear_

Woman with windswept, satin blonde hair, created using Wella Professionals


For clients who want only micro-fine accents of ice blonde, try Satin Blonde from the Insta-Vintage movement. It’s a cool-toned color with frosted ribbons that looks more natural than a platinum mane. Created using Koleston Perfect ME+ 7/31, 7/81 and 8/69, you can watch the full, entirely radiant step-by-step here.

Woman with blunt ice blonde bob haircut, created using Wella Professionals


Ice blonde hues and a blunt bob haircut are the dream combination. Case in point: this glass hair look by Wella Passionista, Thomas Frear. His Instagram feed is a veritable vision board of frosty looks, and this short, sharp ‘do is one of our favorites for its reflective finish.


Image Credit: @_hairbytfrear_

Back of a women’s head with long, straight ice blonde hair and a snowflake clip


Now, this is how you accessorize ice blonde hair. Embellished with a snowflake clip, the chilled-out hue was created using Koleston Perfect ME+ 7/18+6/97+ 1.9%, 10/89+10/95 + 1.9%. Does it get any cooler? 


Image Credit: @smolova_annaa 

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