Why You Need a Special Shampoo For Gray Hair

Embracing gray hair isn’t a new notion. However, it’s only in the last 18 months – since the first lockdown began and salons temporarily closed – that the silver hair celebration has exploded. We’ve helped more clients transition to gray than ever, offered tips on enhancing their natural locks, and glossed their strays in-salon to keep those silvery hues looking fresh year-round.

But, to each of them, we’ve said the same thing: ‘you need a good shampoo for gray hair in your at-home kit’. Here’s why the right care is crucial, and how you can glow up your own grays…


Wella Professionals color wheel.

What Does Purple Shampoo Do for Gray Hair?


You know that purple shampoo is perfect for reversing brassy tones in blonde hair – but what about gray? Turns out, violet pigments can dial down overly warm hues in silver locks, too. It all comes down to color theory. Shades that sit opposite one another on the color wheel have the ability to cancel each other out, in effect neutralizing unwanted tones. And, because purple sits opposite yellow, it can rid you of that yellowy cast. Try it with the INVIGO Cool Blonde Color Refreshing Shampoo.


Used once per week (or whenever yellow tones start to appear), this purple lather reduces brassiness in a single wash. Simply wet hair, lather up, leave it on for up to five minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Gray hair will be looking fresh and bright once more.


Three bottles of Wella’s INVIGO Cool Blonde Shampoo on a purple background.
A hand holds Wella’s INVIGO Cool Blonde Shampoo on a purple background. The shampoo drips down the side of the bottle.
Woman with short, grey hair gazes off into the distance and smiles.
Woman with short, grey bob haircut hair looks off to the side.
Bottles from Wella’s Silver Glow by True Grey collection.
Back of woman’s head showing a ‘before and after’ of the Silver Glow by True Grey treatment.